Martin Reh, owner of the Unternehmensberatung Reh, is specializes in automotive supplier management.

His customers, mainly mid-size automotive tiers in europe, are confronted experiential with minimum one of the following points:

  • The controlling of suppliers is just performed point by point caused by missing time and capacities
  • Within a project-sourcing new suppliers need to be identified, checked and realeased
  • Existing suppliers are not sufficiently qualified or don't fulfill the required quality level completely
  • The internal resources for a functional and compliant supplier management are not existent
  • A bottleneck at a sub-supplier endangeres a serial start-up
  • Audits need to be performed, but the necessary resources are not existent or available
  • A supplier doesn't fulfill the requested quality requirements and is not very cooperative with regard to failure elimination and claim processing
  • Caused by serious quality and logistic problems one needs a systematic de-escalation at a sub-supplier
  • Within an audit, several non-conformities are identified and the effective elimination by corrective measures is not satisfying
Martin Reh built up the competences to solve these challenges within numerous projects in the automotive industry.

Beside professional expertise and branch experience the working method of Martin Reh is marked by:
  • Pragmatic problem solving
  • Reliability and transperency
  • International commitment and flexibility
  • Business thinking
  • Open and hones communication - also in unpleasant situations