Extract of project references

If you are interested, I can also share with you my profile and the complete project reference list.

German industry group
Employees world-wide > 20.000
Time 9 month
Technologies Metal die-casting, metal processing, mechanical engineering, electronics, welding
Products Electronic motor, power train
Task supplier management, -development and audits according to VDA 6.3 to qualify suppliers considering automotive-requirements
Result As basis for the sourcing-process, potential suppliers were identified, evaluated by potential analysis and audits according to VDA 6.3. After the final sourcing-decision the suppliers were systematic developed

German Automotive-Tier 1 (in insolvency)
Employees 350
Time 14 month
Technologies Plastic moulding
Products Automotive interieur and exterieur (focus: seats)
Task Project managemet to cross-national transfer of a plant incl. all affected suppliers under adherence of the serial delivery as a Tier-1 to a premium OEM.
Result Transfer was performed according to project and budget plan. The serial delivery was ensured in all times (especially in the ramp-up of a new series). The claim costs and the quality level were optimized extremely. The trust between Tier-1 and OEM was enhanced.

german mid-size manufacturer
Employees 250
Time 2 weeks
Technologies Electronics, circuit boards, welding, plastic processing, assembly
Products heat meters, heat cost allocators, consumption data recorders
Task Technical process optimization to stabilize and problem-solving within the production process
Result The internal failure sources were identified and eliminated. The external failure causes were analysed and corrective actions were defined together with the affected suppliers. The output and quality level were improved drastically.

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